The Present Perfect Tense

The Present Perfect Tense :

Use the present perfect tense to talk about happenings in the past that explain or affect the present. The verbs have and has are used as helping or auxiliary verbs to form the present perfect tense.

It’s been very wet today.
Kim’s cut her finger.
Sam has scored two goals.
I’ve just finished my shower.
Uncle Tom has lost his wallet.
John has gone out.
The Lees have moved to Ohio.
It has not rained for months.
Have you found your keys yet?
Tim has made two spelling mistakes.
They have opened a new shop.
Dad has lost his car key.
All the guests have arrived.
Tony has scored a goal.
Peter has slept in the tent several times.
It has not rained for two months.
Some prisoners have escaped from the prison.
The plane has landed at the airport.
John had made a puppet.
Dad and I have caught a big fish.
I have seen this movie twice.

To form the present perfect tense join have or has to the past participle of the verb….

have + past participle
has + past participle

The past participle of a regular verb usually ends in –ed just like the simple past tense. But the past participles of irregular verbs don’t follow this rule.

verbs….past participle


The Present Perfect Tense :

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