The Verbs

The Verbs :

The Verbs

A verb is a word by means of which something is said about somebody or something.

A verb is a word which makes an assertion. (a statement, a question, a command)

He is a man.
He works hard.
Students are intelligent.
He went to his work.

1) A Simple Verb

Hasan talked

2) A Compound Verb

Hasan is sleeping.
Hasan was hurt.

Kinds of verbs

There are two kinds of verbs.

Transitive Verbs

They indicate an action which is exercised directly upon some object and they used transitively when it takes an object.

Intransitive Verbs

They indicate an action which is exercised when the verb does not take an object.

Transitive Verb

Ali gave.
What did he give?
Ali gave his present.
Hasan should obey.
Whom should he obey?
Hasan should obey his teachers.

Intransitive verb

He runs.
She swims.
The girl cried.
The dog barked.

Verbs give the meaning of transitive and intransitive

Mona slept.
Mona slept well.
It can not be helped.
He ought to have helped.

Transitive Verb


Intransitive Verbs


I am dying for a cup of lemonade.
She is dying to know how you do your homework.
Many people die of hunger in Africa.
The patient died from his serious wounds.
Cleopatra died by poison.

die for
die in
die of
die down
die from
die by
die away
die out

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