The World of Fools

The World of Fools :

In a village lived a farmer called Koronov. He had income good enough to take care of his daughter and wife. Koronov had brought up his daughter Kora with loving care. Kora too loved her father.

The farmer s wife cooked lunch for her husband every noon. Kora would take the lunch to her father in the fields. She would return only after serving food to her father with her own hands.

One hot noon, Kora set out with lunch for her father. The sun was blazing down. She sat under a tree to take a breather. She saw a monkey sitting up the tree. The monkey hugged her child tight to her bosom. Kora dreamt of having her own child one day. She would name her child Pirvkcheekov. And she would fawn over Pinkcheekov very very very much, she thought.

Then, Kora started imagining many frightful things. She thought - The kid would do lot of naughty things…it will anger me…he would run to escape from my stick…some day he would fell down the stairs…my poor Pinkcheekov will get hurt…if he is badly hurt he might die! My poor Pinkcheekov' My baby…'

And carried away by thoughts, she really started wailing and crying, “My Pinkcheekov! O my poor Pinkcheekov…'" For hours she sat there crying and forgot about her father's lunch.

When Kora didn't return home for a long time, her worried mother decided to go to the field to inform her husband about it. She set out of her home.

On the way, she found Kora crying under a tree. She went to her daughter and asked, “Dear' what happened?'

Kora kept wailing and repeating, “My Pinkcheekov.'

Between sobs she told her mother the reason of her crying. Without trying to understand the matter clearly the mother also started wailing. 'My Pinkcheekov!’

The mother and the daughter wept hugging each other. Meanwhile Koronov was getting angry at not getting his lunch. As soon as the sun set Koronov departed for his home. He found his wife and the daughter weeping under a tree. He thought that some tragedy had befallen his family.

With great anxiety he asked them the reason of their crying. Upon learning the matter he became madly angry. He didn't know whether to laugh or to bang his head against the back wall at the stupidity of the women. At last he screamed. There can be no bigger fools or mad than you two. I am going away. I will only come back if ever I meet more foolish than you.’

Kora and her mother ran after Koronov to beg him not to leave them. But Koronov had already gone out of sight. He reached the nearby village. He saw a crowd gathered at a place. Koronov pushed his way in to see what was happening. The crowd was standing around a pond. The moon was getting reflected in the water. Many people were claiming that they could catch the moon and bring it out of water. A claimer would pay a fee and go into the water to catch the moon. The rest of the people would clap their hands to encourage him. The game was going on merrily.

Koronov walked ahead leaving behind the stupid exercise of the people. In the next village, he saw an old woman whose hand had stuck in a container. Several persons were trying to pull her hand out of it.

The old woman was crying in pain but the hand was not getting freed. Koronov asked what the problem was. He was told that the container had wheat grams in it. The old woman was trying to take out of it a fistful of grains. Her hand was stuck and was not coming out.

A man claimed, "I got a brilliant idea to free the old mother of this problem She might feel a bit of pain but the problem will be solved."

Others asked, ‘What is the idea?’

“We shall cut off the old mother’s hand or she will have to live with her hand in the container. We can axe the hand or saw off her wrist. So easy."

Another person suggested, “That is not very good. The better idea would be to cut off the bottom of the container."

Koronov beat his head. He said, “O Grandma! Open your fist and let go of the grains."

The old woman released the grains and her hand easily came out. The people thanked Koronov and gave him rewards.

Koronov returned home from there having realised that the world was full of fools. There was a bigger fool somewhere than the one you have met.

The World of Fools :

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