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Traditional Chinese Medicine :

Do you eat a balanced diet?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) divides food into three categories. They are…. yin, yang and neutral foods.

What are yin foods? They are cool or cold in nature. They remove the excess heat in the system and eliminate toxins. Some examples of yin food are bananas, apples, mangoes and tomatoes.

Yang foods are the opposite of yin foods. They warm the interior and treat the symptoms caused by excess yin. Chicken, dates, mutton, garlic, ginger and pepper are some examples of yang food.

Neutral foods belong to the third category. Some examples are carrots, eggs and potatoes. These foods do not influence any hot or cold syndromes in the body.

The ultimate goal of TCM food therapy is to maintain a healthy balance based on the effect of food on the body. TCM practitioners remark that by balancing our diet we create harmony within the body, resulting in well-being. Therefore eat a balanced diet.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Yin - cool and cold - clear away heat and eliminate toxins

Yang - warm and hot - warm the interior and dispel cold

Neutral - neither cold nor hot - don’t influence hot or cold syndromes

Maintain a healthy balance for well-being

Traditional Chinese Medicine :

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