ROOT-WORD is the Root TRIB which comes from the Latin tribuere, to PAY & BESTOW. These two meanings seem to be contradictory, but both imply giving. To PAY tribute to a hero means to BESTOW honor on him. To PAY tribute to the conqueror means to BESTOW money on him. The two meanings come from the same root; to know which is being used you must read the text.

1. Tribute : TRIB ute (trib’ yute) n.

A fine paid to a conquering power

2. Tributary : TRIB utary (trib’ yu tar ee) n.

A stream of water which flows into a larger river

3. Attribute : at TRIB ute (a trib’ yute) v.

To regard as the cause of; blame for; ascribe to

4. Attribute : at TRIB ute (a’ tri byute) n.

A high quality; as, the attribute for which he is noted is honesty

5. Attributive : at TRIB utive (a trib’ yute ive) adj.

Ascribing a characteristic

6. Contribute : con TRIB ute (kon trib’ yute) v.

To give money to a cause, or give service

7. Contributory : con TRIB utory (kon trib’ yu tore ee) adj.

Giving to an endeavor; as, contributory labor

8. Contribution : con TRIB ution (kon tri byu’ shun) n.

An offering; a tax; a thing given to a cause

9. Contributional : con TRIB utional (kon tri byu’ shun al) adj.

Relating to a contribution

10. Contributorial : con TRIB utorial (kon trib us toe’ ri al) adj.

Of or relating to a contributor

11. Distribute : dis TRIB ute (dis trib’ yute) v.

To divide among many; to allot; to deal out

12. Distribution : dis TRIB ution (dis tri byu’ shun) n.

The sharing; the allotment

13. Distributive : dis TRIB utive (dis trib’ yute iv) adj.

Tending to deal a share to each one

14. Distributively : dis TRIB utively (dis trib’ yute iv lee) adj.

Separately; giving to each his portion

15. Distributor : dis TRIB utor (dis trib’ yute r) n.

One who distributes

16. Redistribute : redis TRIB (ute (rede i strib’ yute) v.

To distribute over again

17. Redistribution : redis TRIB ution (re dis tri byu’ shun) n.

A sharing over again

18. Redistributor : redis TRIB utor (re dis trib’ us tor) n.

One who apportions, distributes, again

19. Retribution : re TRIB ution (re tri byu’ shun) n.

Act of paying back

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