turn full circle

come full circle = turn full circle

return to a past position or situation, often in a way considered to be inevitable

Related Idioms :

circle the wagons

(of a group) unite in defence of a common interest - North American informal

In South Africa the Afrikaans word laager (meaning a defensive circle of ox wagons) is used in similar metaphorical contexts.

go round in circles

do something for a long time without achieving anything but purposeless repetition – informal

run round in circles

be fussily busy with little result – informal

the wheel has turned full circle = the wheel has come full circle

the situation has returned to what it was in the past, as if completing a cycle.

This phrase comes from Shakespeare's King Lear : The wheel is come full circle. The wheel referred to is that which the goddess Fortune was said to turn as a symbol of random luck or change.

turn full circle :

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