Various Forms of Verbs

Various Forms of Verbs :

The following verbs vary between ed and t (d) in the past tense and the past participle. In some of them, this variation is a mere difference of spelling. In writing, the ed forms are preferred in most cases; in speaking, the t forms are very common.

bless blessed, blest
burn burned, burnt
curse cursed, curst
dare dared (less commonly, durst)
dream dreamed, dreamt
dress dressed, drest
gird girded, girt
kneel kneeled, knelt
knit knit, knitted
learn learned, learnt
pen (shut up) penned, pent
quit quitted, quit
shred shredded, shred
smell smelled, smelt
speed sped, speeded
spell spelled, spelt
spill spilled, spilt
spoil spoiled, spoilt
stay stayed, staid
sweat sweated, sweat
wed wedded

Various Forms of Verbs :

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