Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses : Future Tense

  1. He will forsake the bad habits.
  2. He will grow well.
  3. He will head the function.
  4. He will hold a pen.
  5. He will increase the speed.
  6. He will insult me.
  7. He will invest money.
  8. He will joke a lot.
  9. He will kill the lion.
  10. He will laud his boss.
  11. He will leave the hall.
  12. He will lend money.
  13. He will look at the picture.
  14. He will love cats.
  15. He will mean clearly.
  16. He will miss the bus.
  17. He will pass the test.
  18. He will report on theft.
  19. He will rewrite the letter.

  20. I will forsake the bad habits.
  21. I will gain a lot.
  22. I will harvest sesame.
  23. I will import wheat.
  24. I will increase the skill.
  25. I will invest money.
  26. I will joke a lot.
  27. I will jump high.
  28. I will knock the door.
  29. I will laugh loudly.
  30. I will lie.
  31. I will look at you.
  32. I will make a plan.
  33. I will mingle the sand.
  34. I will move now.
  35. I will note keenly.
  36. I will pass the class.
  37. I will respect elders.

  38. She will gain nothing.
  39. She will harvest paddy.
  40. She will import soap.
  41. She will inform them.
  42. She will introduce the guest.
  43. She will join the class.
  44. She will jump high.
  45. She will knock the door.
  46. She will laugh at him.
  47. She will lie.
  48. She will link the matter.
  49. She will make rice.
  50. She will mingle the vegetables.
  51. She will move there.
  52. She will note keenly.
  53. She will respect elders.

  54. They will forsake the bad habits.
  55. They will gain a lot.
  56. They will grow lean.
  57. They will head the tour.
  58. They will hold a bag.
  59. They will import chair.
  60. They will inform her.
  61. They will insult us.
  62. They will introduce the guest.
  63. They will join the meeting.
  64. They will jump high.
  65. They will knock the door.
  66. They will laugh insensibly.
  67. They will lend fan.
  68. They will link the matter.
  69. They will look at us.
  70. They will love peacock.
  71. They will make juice.
  72. They will mean clearly.
  73. They will mingle the fruits.
  74. They will miss the toy.
  75. They will move today.
  76. They will note keenly.
  77. They will pass the exam.
  78. They will report to us.
  79. They will rewrite the poem.

  80. We will harvest grains.
  81. We will grow thin.
  82. We will head the party.
  83. We will hold a chair.
  84. We will increase the speed.
  85. We will invest money.
  86. We will joke a lot.
  87. We will kill a hen.
  88. We will laud our boss.
  89. We will leave the college.
  90. We will lie.
  91. We will love tiger.
  92. We will mean clearly.
  93. We will miss the car.
  94. We will report to judge.
  95. We will respect elders.
  96. We will rewrite the lesson.

  97. You will inform me.
  98. You will insult her.
  99. You will introduce the guest.
  100. You will join the college.
  101. You will kill a lion.
  102. You will laud your boss.
  103. You will leave the room.
  104. You will lend T.V.
  105. You will link the matter.

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