Verbs in Present Continuous Tense

Verbs in Present Continuous Tense :

He is beginning the course.
He is bringing a letter.
He is buying a house.
He is coming here.
He is getting a chance.
He is keeping the book.
He is learning Grammar.
He is making a doll.
He is meeting me.
He is selling vegetables.
He is sending a letter.
He is sitting here.
He is sleeping well.
He is spending money.
He is standing here.
He is teaching Grammar.

I am beginning chatting.
I am bringing a basket.
I am buying a cake.
I am coming to the market.
I am getting phone.
I am keeping the chair.
I am learning French.
I am making a chair.
I am meeting him.
I am selling watch.
I am sending my son.
I am sitting on the stool.
I am sleeping here.
I am spending money.
I am standing on the bench.
I am teaching Hindi.

She is beginning teaching.
She is bringing a bag.
She is buying a saree.
She is coming to my house.
She is getting money.
She is keeping the plate.
She is learning Hindi.
She is making a cake.
She is meeting you.
She is selling dolls.
She is sending a mail.
She is sitting there.
She is sleeping.
She is spending money.
She is standing on the chair.
She is teaching me.

They are beginning eating.
They are beginning writing.
They are bringing a chair.
They are buying a table.
They are coming to the decision.
They are getting a ring.
They are keeping the pad.
They are learning driving.
They are making a statue.
They are meeting her.
They are selling pencils.
They are sending a watch.
They are sitting in the park.
They are sleeping at day.
They are spending money.
They are standing at the station.
They are teaching lesson.

We are beginning reading .
We are bringing a table.
We are buying a shirt.
We are coming to the ship.
We are getting a table.
We are keeping the watch.
We are learning cooking.
We are making food.
We are meeting you.
We are selling pens.
We are sending a present.
We are sitting on the table.
We are sleeping at night.
We are spending money .
We are standing at the bus stop.
We are teaching Maths.

You are bringing a cycle.
You are buying a book.
You are coming to the school.
You are getting chair.
You are keeping the pen.
You are learning Latin.
You are making a T V.
You are meeting them.
You are selling books.
You are sending a gift.
You are sitting on the chair.
You are sleeping there.
You are spending money.
You are standing there.
You are teaching English .

Verbs in Present Continuous Tense :

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