Verbs Tenses

Verbs Tenses : Present Continuous Tense

  1. He is forsaking the bad habits.
  2. He is growing well.
  3. He is heading the function.
  4. He is holding a pen.
  5. He is increasing the speed.
  6. He is insulting me.
  7. He is investing money.
  8. He is joking a lot.
  9. He is killing the lion.
  10. He is lauding his boss.
  11. He is leaving the hall.
  12. He is lending money.
  13. He is looking at the picture.
  14. He is loving cats.
  15. He is meaning clearly.
  16. He is missing the bus.
  17. He is passing the test.
  18. He is reporting on theft.
  19. He is rewriting the letter.

  20. I am forsaking the bad habits.
  21. I am gaining a lot.
  22. I am harvesting sesame.
  23. I am importing wheat.
  24. I am increasing the skill.
  25. I am investing money.
  26. I am joking a lot.
  27. I am jumping high.
  28. I am knocking the door.
  29. I am laughing loudly.
  30. I am looking at you.
  31. I am lying.
  32. I am making a plan.
  33. I am mingling the sand.
  34. I am moving now.
  35. I am noting keenly.
  36. I am passing the class.
  37. I am respecting elders.

  38. She is gaining nothing.
  39. She is harvesting paddy.
  40. She is importing soap.
  41. She is informing them.
  42. She is introducing the guest.
  43. She is joining the class.
  44. She is jumping high.
  45. She is knocking the door.
  46. She is laughing at him.
  47. She is linking the matter.
  48. She is lying.
  49. She is making rice.
  50. She is mingling the vegetables.
  51. She is moving there.
  52. She is noting keenly.
  53. She is respecting elders.

  54. They are writing the poem.
  55. They are forsaking the bad habits.
  56. They are gaining a lot.
  57. They are growing lean.
  58. They are heading the tour.
  59. They are holding a bag.
  60. They are importing chair.
  61. They are informing her.
  62. They are insulting us.
  63. They are introducing the guest.
  64. They are joining the meeting.
  65. They are jumping high.
  66. They are knocking the door.
  67. They are laughing insensibly.
  68. They are lending fan.
  69. They are linking the matter.
  70. They are looking at us.
  71. They are loving peacock.
  72. They are making juice.
  73. They are meaning clearly.
  74. They are mingling the fruits.
  75. They are missing the toy.
  76. They are moving today.
  77. They are noting keenly.
  78. They are passing the exam.
  79. They are reporting to us.

  80. We are growing thin.
  81. We are harvesting grains.
  82. We are heading the party.
  83. We are holding a chair.
  84. We are increasing the speed.
  85. We are investing money.
  86. We are joking a lot.
  87. We are killing a hen.
  88. We are lauding our boss.
  89. We are leaving the college.
  90. We are loving tiger.
  91. We are lying.
  92. We are meaning clearly.
  93. We are missing the car.
  94. We are reporting to judge.
  95. We are respecting elders.
  96. We are rewriting the lesson.

  97. You are informing me.
  98. You are insulting her.
  99. You are introducing the guest.
  100. You are joining the college.
  101. You are killing a lion.
  102. You are lauding your boss.
  103. You are leaving the room.
  104. You are lending T.V.
  105. You are linking the matter.

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