vers & vert

These ROOT-WORDS are VERS & VERT which means TURN. VERS comes from versare and VERT comes from vertere. Both are Latin and mean TURN. This root does not tell you where to turn, that is told you by another root, a Prefix placed before the Root. From No. 8 through No. 18 you are given a signal, which way to turn. Exactly like a sign on the highway, to make a left turn or a right one, the Prefixes tell you - away, to, against, with, from, in, through, under and back. You can’t go wrong with root.

1. Versatile : VERS atile (ver’ sat il) adj.

Having aptitude for many skills; able to turn from one thing to another

2. Versatility : VERS atility (Ver sa til’ it ee) n.

The quality of skill along many lines

3. Versation : VERS ation (ver say’ shun) n.

A turning; twisting

4. Versative : VERS ative (ver’ sa tiv) adj.

Adaptable; versatile

5. Version : VERS ion (ver’ zhun) n.

A changed form; an adaptation; a translation

6. Versus : VERS us (ver’ sus) prep.

Against; as, in a legal action of Jones versus Smith

7. Vortex : VOR tex (vor teks) n.

A double motion of whirling and pulling down; a whirlpool

8. Controversial : contro VERS ial (kon tro ver’ shal) adj.

Open to dispute; as, a controversial issue

9. Averse : a VERS e (a vers’) adj.

Turned against; as, averse to seeing him

10. Advertise : ad VERT ise (ad’ ver tize) v.

Turn attention toward; as, advertise a sale
11. Divert : di VERT (di vert’) v.

Turn attention away from; as, divert the mind

12. Invert : in VERT (in vert’) v.

Turn upside down; as, to divide by a fraction, invert and multiply

13. Conversant : con VERS ant (kon vers’ant) adj.

Acquainted with; as, conversant with the subject

14. Obverse : ob VERS e (ob’ vers) adj.

Facing the opponent

15. Reverse : re VERS e (re vers’) v.

Turn back

16. Pervert : per VERT (per vert’) v.

To turn to improper use; corrupt

17. Subversive : sub VERS ive (sub ver’ siv) adj.

Causing to undermine; as, a subversive group

18. Reversible : re VERS ible (re ver’ si b’l) adj.

Can be reversed

19. Vertigo : VERT igo (vert’ i go) n.

A dizzy spell when everything seems to be turning

20. Vertiginous : VERT iginous (ver tij’ I nus) adj.

Dizzy; affected with vertigo

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