Know Your Next Word : wash

19. wash :

verb & noun :

1. to apply water or some other liquid to (something or someone) for the purpose of cleansing : to cleanse by dipping, rubbing, or scrubbing in water or some other liquid

2. to remove (dirt, stains, paint, or any matter) by or as by the action of water

3. a musical group, usually employing brass, percussion, and often woodwind instruments, that plays esp. for marching or open-air performances

3. the act or process of washing with water or other liquid

usage :

  • The little boats tossed about in the wash from the liner's propellers.

  • to apply wash to a skinned knee : mouthwash : eyewash

  • The company's financial position is a wash compared with last year.

  • The situation may look hopeless now, but it will all come out in the wash.

  • After that performance, he's all washed up as a singer.

  • a meadow newly washed with morning dew.

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