How do you pronounce "wound"?

By Tamara, New Delhi, India(11th Dec.2006).

The word wound can be pronounced in two different ways and the way you pronounce it depends on the meaning.

One of the meanings of wound is to hurt or injure someone. When used in this sense, the "ou" is pronounced like the "oo" in "cool", "pool", and "fool".


• The boy was wounded in the fight.

• Those who wound others will be wounded in the future.

• Do not wound others by asking embarrassing questions.

The past tense of the verb "wind" (meaning to turn or twist something repeatedly) is also spelt "wound". The "ou" in this case sounds like the "ou" in "round", "pound", and "bound".


• The boy wound the clock for his grandfather.

• He wound the thread in a wooden piece.

• The road wound through the forest.

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