you can bet your bottom dollar

you can bet your bottom dollar

you may be absolutely certain - informal

Related Idioms and Phrases :

be bumping along the bottom

(of an economy or industry) be at the lowest point in its performance without improving or deteriorating further.

bottom drawer

the collection of linen, clothes, and household items assembled by a woman in preparation for her marriage.

The bottom drawer was the traditional place for storing for such articles. The US equivalent is hope chest.

the bottom falls out of something = the bottom drops out of something

something fails or collapses totally.

the bottom line

the final reality

the important conclusion

Literally, the bottom line is the final total in an account or balance sheet.

1991 Sun The bottom line is that we would rather have Venables and Sugar than Gazza, Maxwell and Scholar.

from the bottom of your heart

with sincere feeling

scrape the bottom of the barrel

be reduced to using things or people of the poorest quality because there is nothing else available - informal

touch bottom

reach the bottom of water with your feet

be at the lowest or worst point

be in possession of the full facts - British

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