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( Verb )

(past and past participle : enfranchised, present participle : enfranchising, 3rd person present singular : enfranchises)

Pronunciation : in-frán-chiz

1. to give somebody the right to vote in an election

2. to set somebody free, especially from slavery

3. to grant political representation to a town or city

4. to grant voting rights


Early 16th century - Old French enfranchir - franc - free - Latin francus


Accredit, Affranchise, Allow, Authorize, Citizenize, Deliver, Discharge, Disencumber, Disenthrall, Emancipate, Empower, Enable, Enfranchise, Fit For, Free, Give Rights To, Grant Citizenship To, Have Coming, Let, Liberate, License, Loose, Loosen, Make Eligible, Manumit, Naturalize, Permit, Qualify For, Rate, Release, Unbind, Unchain, Unfetter, Unshackle, Warrant


Enslave, Imprison, Incarcerate, Disqualify, Confine, Incarcerate, Jail, Abstain

Contextual Example:

• But if a man have the fortitude, and resolution, to enfranchise himself at once, that is the best.

Related Words :

1. enfranchisement: Noun

2. enfranchiser: Noun

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