Difficult Words : Fauna, Fatuous, Fecund, Felicity, Fervor and Fetter

Difficult Words: Fauna, Fatuous, Fecund, Felicity, Fervor and Fetter

Fatuous (FACH oo us) adj: foolish silly, idiotic

Pauline is so pretty that her suitors are often driven to fatuous acts of devotion. They are infatuated with her.

Fecund (FEE kund, FEK und) adj: fertile, productive

The fecund mother rabbit gave birth to hundreds and hundreds of little rabbits.

The philosopher's imagination was so fecund that ideas hopped out of him like so many baby rabbits.

Our compost heap became increasingly fecund as it decomposed.

The state of being fecund is fecundity (fi KUN di tee).

Fauna (FAW nuh) n: animals

We saw little evidence of fauna on our walk through the woods. We did, however, see plenty of flora, or plants.

Flora and fauna means plants and animals. The terms are used particularly in describing what lives in a particular region or environment.

Arctic fauna are very different from tropical fauna.

In Jim's yard, the flora consists mostly of weeds.

It's easy to remember which of these words means what. Just remember fawns and flowers.

Felicity (fi LIS i TEE) n: happiness, skillfulness, especially at expressing things, adeptness

Love was not all felicity for Glen and Pam. They argued all the time. In fact their relationship was characterized by infelicity.

Shakespeare wrote with great felicity. His works are filled with felicitous expressions.

Fervor (FUR vur) n: great warmth or earnestness, ardor, zeal

Avid baseball fans frequently display their fervor for the game by throwing food at bad players.

Fetter (FET ur) v: to restrain, to hamper

In his pursuit of the Nobel Prize for physics, Professor Jenkins was fettered by his near-total ignorance of the subject.

To be unfettered is to be unrestrained or free of hindrances.

When his parents went to Europe for a few months, Jimmy invited all his friends for some unfettered partying in the empty house.

A fetter is literally a chain (attached to the foot) that is used to restrain a criminal or, for that matter, an innocent person. A figurative fetter can be anything that hampers or restrains someone.

The housewife's young children were the fetters that prevented her from pursuing her profession of Interior Decorator.

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