Graduation Letter

This is a Graduation Letter. Mr. Mahesh has completed his MBA graduation at HARVARD UNIVERSITY.His friend Mr. Anil is writing a letter to Mr. Mahesh congratulating him for the successful graduation.

328 Railway Road,
Anil Market,
Sri Lanka.

2nd Oct. 2001.

Dear Mahesh,

Please accept my heartiest congratulation on your successful graduation of MBA at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. I also heard that you are one of the top three best students selected by the University. This news doubled my happiness. On top of it, I also heard that you have joined Microsoft Corporation as its Country Manager for Sri Lanka.

I think that your dreams are materializing one by one. That means you will be nearby for me to come and gossip with you and play tennis. Nothing succeeds like success, it is said.

This new responsibilities will give you tremendous power as you will have a country-wide network under you. Since you are the country manager, you are a virtual king. But do not let the power go to the head. As you are a student of history, you need not be reminded that Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Now, you are safe in your new position. And I feel that this is the right time to take care your parents. Let them be with you so that they will get the best of attention and your affection.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Anil


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