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( Adjective )

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Living in grand style is a long time dream to me.










Contextual Examples:

In the north of India stand the majestic Himalayas as its savior.

His lordly manners angered everyone present in the meeting.

All the members of the non-aligned movement were awed by Mrs. Gandhi’s stately grandeur and innate humanism.

Her resplendent necklace became the focus of attention of all her female guests.

Ashoka had an august personality.

The performance of Sania Mirza in tennis is superb.

The poet Milton wrote in an exalted style.

He has won many medals for his illustrious service in the Indian Army.









Contextual Examples:

A Lieutenant has inferior status compared to a Captain.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was rather colorless.

His ignoble performance at the meeting led to his dismissal.

He is worthless person.

I had an awful time sitting under the scorching sun waiting for you.

It was mean of him to behave in that rude way.

The occasion turned out to be undignified.

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