Difficult Words : Implement, Impetuous, Impotent, Impugn, Inane, Incandescent and Inaugurate

Difficult Words : Implement, Impetuous, Impotent, Impugn, Inane, Incandescent and Inaugurate

Impetuous (im PECH oo us) adj: impulsive, extremely impatient

Impetuous Dick always seemed to be running off to buy a new car, even if he had just bought one the day before.

Samantha was so impetuous that she never took more than a few seconds to make up her mind.

Impotent (IM puh tunt) adj: powerless, helpless, unable to perform sexual intercourse

Impotent means not potent, not powerful.

Joe and Betty made a few impotent efforts to turn aside the steamroller, but it squished their vegetable garden anyway.

We felt impotent in the face of their overpowering opposition to our plan.

Omnipotent means all powerful. After winning a dozen games in a row, the football team began to feel omnipotent.

Implement (IM pluh munt) v: to carry out

Leo developed a plan for shortening the grass in his yard, but he was unable to implement it, because he didn't have a lawn mower.

The government was better at creating new laws than at implementing them.

Impugn (im PYOON) v: to attack, especially to attack the truth or integrity of something

The critic impugned the originally of Jacob's novel, claiming that long stretches of it had been lifted from the work of someone else.

Fred asked I was impugning his honesty when I called him a dirty liar, but I told him he had no honesty to impugn. This just seemed to make him angrier, for some reason.

Inane (i NANE) adj: silly, senseless

Their plan to make an indoor swimming pool by flooding their basement was inane.

Mel made a few inane comments about the importance of chewing only on the left side of one's mouth, and then he passed out beneath the table.

Something that is inane is an inanity.

Inaugurate (in AW gyuh RATE) v: to begin officially, to induct formally into office

The mayor inaugurated the new no-smoking policy and then celebrated by lighting up a big cigar.

The team's loss inaugurated an era of defeat that lasted for several years.

To inaugurate a president is to make him take the oath of office and then give him the keys to the White House.

Incandescent (in kun DES unt) adj: brilliant, giving off heat or light off light when it is heated

An incandescent person is one who gives off light or energy in a figurative sense.

Jan's ideas were so incandescent that simply being near her made you feel as though you understood the subject for the first time.

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