Difficult Words : Innate, Injunction, Innocuous, Inordinate, Insatiable and Insidious

Difficult Words : Innate, Injunction, Innocuous, Inordinate, Insatiable and Insidious

Injunction (in JUNGK shun) n: a command or order, especially a court order

Wendy's neighbors got a court injunction prohibiting her from playing her radio loud.

Herbert, lighting up, disobeyed his doctor's injunction to stop smoking.

Innocuous (I NOK yoo us) adj: harmless, banal

Innocuous is closely related, in both origin and meaning, to innocent.

The supposedly obscene record sounded pretty innocuous to us. There weren't even any four-letter words in it.

The speaker’s voice was loud but his words were innocuous. There was nothing to get excited about.

Innate (i NATE) adj: existing since birth, inborn, inherent

Joseph's kindness was innate. It was part of his natural character.

Bill has an apparently innate ability to throw a football. You just can't tech someone to throw a ball as well as he can.

There's nothing innate about good manners. All children have to be taught to say please and thank you.

Meredith took offense at Bruce's innocuous comment about the saltiness of her soup.

Inordinate (in AWR duh nit) adj: excessive, unreasonable

The young math teacher paid an inordinate amount of attention to the pretty blond senior.

The limousine was inordinately large, even for a limousine. There was room for more than a dozen passengers.

Rome's love for Juliet was perhaps a bit inordinate, given the outcome of their relationship.

Insatiable (in SAY shuh bul) adj: hard or impossible to satisfy, greedy, avaricious

Peter had an insatiable appetite for chocolate macadamia ice cream; he could never get enough. Not even a gallon of chocolate macadamia was enough to satiate his craving. Peter’s addiction never reached satiety.

Insidious (in SID ee us) adj: treacherous, sneaky

The spy's insidious plan was to steal all the kryptonite in Metropolis.

Winter was insidious. It crept in under the doors and through cracks in the windows.

Cancer, which can spread rapidly from a small cluster of cells, is an insidious disease.

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