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( Noun )

Pronunciation : júnte

When the word junta was borrowed into English from Spanish in the early 17th century, its pronunciation was thoroughly Anglicized. The 20th century has seen the emergence and, especially in North America, the gradual predominance of the pronunciation derived from Spanish through reassociation with the word's Spanish origins. A hybrid form is also heard.

1. A group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power

2. A small group of people, especially one secretly assembled for a common goal

3. In some parts of Central and South America, a council or other legislative body within the government

4. An exclusive circle of people with a common purpose


Early 17th century - Spanish or Portuguese - Latin jungere - join


Military Government, Military Rule, Regime, Government, Leadership, Martial Law, Dictatorship, Cabal, Faction, Clique, Gang, Band, Council, Committee, Legislative Body, Assembly, Forum, Cabinet


entirety, total, whole,

Contextual Example:

• NOBODY knew his history-- they of the Junta least of all.

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