Khichdi by Ramu

Khichdi by Ramu :

Once, Ramu felt very ill. The doctor asked him to eat khichdi (an Indian dish). Ramu had a bad memory. To remember this, he kept reciting khichdi ... khichdi ... khichdi on the way home. But soon he forgot the word and started saying khachidi (means 'eat bird')

As he passed by a field, a farmer shouted and beat him. "You say khachidi ! So the birds may eat my grains. Now say udchidi (means 'fly bird')."

Now Ramu went on reciting Udchidi ... Udchidi. A bird catcher had spread his net to catch birds. He slapped him. "Don't say udchidi. The birds will fly away. Say phanschidi (means 'get caught bird)."

He now recited phanschidi ... phanschidi ... as he walked on. A gang of thieves passed him by. They shouted at Rarnu and beat him up mercilessly and said, "You wanted us to get caught. You are saying phanschidi. Go away from here."

So due to a poor memory Ramu made a mistake and was beaten so many times.

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