Letter greeting on engagement

This is a smple of Letter greeting on engagement.

Mr. John is engaged to get married with Ms. Priscilla. His friend Mr. Mathews comes to know of this matter. He writes a letter greeting his friend Mr. John.

23/12 RT- Queens Road,

6th June 2005.

Dear John,

My heartiest congratulations to you for winning the heart of the most beautiful girl of you college. I can see your college mates swooning with jealousy.

Priscilla is a very sweet-hearted girl and very worldly wise. I always thought she was sensitive to art and music and has a good eye for decoration. Remember her ikebana the Japanese flower show for the college annual day.

Do let us know when the wedding bell will ring.

Wish you a happy and all-blessed marriage life.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Mathews


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