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Room Number: 182-Hotel Ballista,
Kings Road,

6th July 2001.

Dear Cecil,

At present I am sitting at my hotel suite room watching the eternal drizzle outside. What a rainy country England is! The sun shines but rarely and then the rain pours down scrubbing building and roads. The countryside has deep shades of green, so deep that the green merges with black almost. And the daffodils are over in the parks at Hyde Park.

I went to Shakespeare’s play at the Barbican, London’s largest theatre. The play was good, but more fascinating was the convertible stage with bedroom changing into forest and then into a royal hall.

The British around London are generally informal and fun-loving. Most of the tourists are coming to see the heritage of colonial times, places associated with works of literature-Dickens’s house, Keat’s house where he wrote the Ode do the Nightingale and the tavern where Doctor Johnson drank etc.

Last week I had been to Stratford-on-Avon to see Shakespeare’s house. An open air tourist bus took us around Anne Hathaway’s beautiful thatched cottage. I took a stroll down to 10, Downing Street to get a glimpse of The Prime Minister, but I was not lucky.

Another interesting place I saw was Madame Tussand’s waxworks.

I have planned to visit all the interesting and the historical places in England. I will be here for another month. I shall keep in touch with you, by writing letters to you with my memorable experience in England.

With love.

Yours sincerely,

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