Letter of a Wife

Letter of a Wife: A Wife writes to her husband who has been away from Home for a long time.

8 Baugh Street,

19th March 2001.

Dearest Sheri,

It is almost a year since you are away from us in distant USA. Though you make phone calls to us every week and we can hear your pleasant voice over the miles of cable, we miss your physical presence. You know how it is. Even if you were withdrawn and not talking to any one here in person, your mere presence and movements around the house, seemed to fill it with a type of reassurance and a sense of security.

I can understand your sacrifice by being away from us to earn handsome income in a foreign land with an earnest wish to bring good tidings and fortune to every one of us. Your parcel of chocolates was received last week. Mona and Chandra enjoyed eating those chocolates of rare flavor.

Can’t you take a month’s break and come here Sheri? That would be a great reunion and you would go back refreshed.

With love.

Yours only,

Signature of Namita


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