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Loan : noun : money which has been lent

Loan Capital = part of a company's capital which is a loan to be repaid at a later date

Loan Stock = money lent to a company at a fixed rate of interest

Convertible Loan Stock = money which can be exchanged for shares at a later date

Bank Loan = money lent by a bank

Bridging Loan = short-term loan to help someone buy a new house when he has not yet sold his old one

Government Loan = money lent by the government

Home Loan = loan by a bank or building society to help someone buy a house

Short-Term Loan = loans which have to be repaid within a few weeks

Long-Term Loan = loans which have to be repaid within a some years

Soft Loan = loan (from a company to an employee or from Government to another) with no interest payable

Unsecured Loan = loan made with no security

Loan : verb : to lend

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