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Local : adjective : referring to a particular area especially one near where a factory or an office is based

Local Authority = elected section of government which runs a small area of the country

Local Call = telephone call to a number in the same area as the person making the call

Local Government = elected administrative bodies which run areas of the country

Local Labor = workers who are recruited near a factory and are not brought there from a distance

Local : noun US : branch of a trade union

Locally : adverb : in the area near where an office or factory is based

  • We recruit all our staff locally.

  • QUOTE : Each cheque can be made out for the local equivalent of $100 rounded up to a convenient figure. (Sunday Times)

    QUOTE : The business agent for Local 414 of the Store Union said his committee will recommend that the membership will ratify the agreement. (Toronto Star)

    QUOTE : EEC regulations insist that customers can buy cars anywhere in the EEC at the local pre-tax price. (Financial Times)

    Locate : verb : to be located = to be in a certain place
  • The warehouse is located near to the motorway.

  • Location : noun : place where something is
  • The company has moved to a new location. (The company has moved to a new office or a different town.)

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