Look Where You Walk.

Look Where You Walk. :

Once, there was a very famous astrologer. Day and night he kept himself busy studying the positions of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets to predict the future. He used to get so engrossed in looking up at the sky that many a times he did not even know where he was stepping.

One day he was walking as usual with his head up and eyes observing the sky. Suddenly he tripped on a large stone and fell by the roadside. He got stuck in a thorny bush. The thorns started piercing his skin and he was in great pain. Some passers-by helped the astrologer and then asked him how he had fallen into the thorn-bush. When the astrologer told them, one of them commented, "You look up at the sky and can calculate good and bad times and even predict the future. But how come you cannot see what is right here in front of your very eyes? Stop dreaming and start living in the real world."

The astrologer felt ashamed on hearing such comments.

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