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In this lesson we are going to see only Noun-Types. Other parts will be dealt with in the following lessons.

What is NOUN?

A Noun is a word used as a name of a person, place, thing, state, quality, activity, action etc...


• Mr. John is our English teacher.
In this sentence the words Mr. John and teacher are Nouns.

• Harvard University is the oldest University.
In this sentence the words Harvard and University are Nouns.

• Lions live in forest.
In this sentence the words Lion and forest are Nouns.

• He is my best friend.
In this sentence, the words He and friend are Nouns.

London, New Delhi, Himalaya, philosophy, beauty, car, road,

Management, science, school, students, books, Mrs. Raman, tree,

mango, fruits; flowers are few of the Nouns.

Nouns can be classified into four Noun-Types.

The Noun-Types are:

i. Proper noun:

A proper noun is the name given to a particular person.

Mr.Peter, Hemingway, Kennedy, London, Italy, Mango and California

are Proper Nouns.


• Italy is a developed country.
In this sentence, Italy is a Proper Noun.

• Mr. Clinton is good administrator.
In this sentence, Mr. Clinton is a proper noun.

• Ford is a car producing company.
In this sentence, the word Ford is a proper noun.

ii. Common noun:

A common noun is a name given in common to persons and things belonging to the same species.


• Italy is a developed country.
In this sentence, Italy is a proper noun.

• A developed country has more responsibilities.
In this sentence the word country is a common noun which could
be used for other countries like India, England, Germany, Brazil etc…

Man, woman, city, fruit, tree, river, book, hotel, country,
mountain are common nouns which we use in our day-to-day lives.
Another type in Noun-Types is Common Noun.

iii. Collective noun:

A collective noun is the name given to a collection or group of persons or things taken as a single group or entity.


• A herd of cows is crossing the road.

• A fleet of ships is sailing deep along the western coast.

• Army is called to rescue the boy caught in the flood.

In these sentences the words herd, fleet and army are collective nouns.

Herd means a group of cattle. Fleet means a group of ships.

Few other collective nouns are police, gang, galaxy, family, team etc…

iv. Abstract noun:

An abstract noun is the name given to a quality or action or state which we can understand but we can not touch and see.


• Kindness is expected of everyone.

• Laughter heals many deceases.

• Sleep regenerates our energy-system.

• Music is a product of harmony.

In these sentences, the words kindness, laughter, sleep and

“music” are abstract nouns which we could only understand but

could not see or touch.

Other abstract nouns are quality, goodness, beauty, mercy, youth,

movement, slowness, length, humility, truth, depth, wisdom,

pride, sanity, vacancy, novelty, justness, justice, height, life,

excellence, occupation, action, seizure, defense, hatred,

protection, choice, flattery, death, service, thought, advice,

obedience, vanity, bravery, strength, cruelty, freedom etc…

We believe that You have clearly understood the Noun-Types and their usages.It is better for you to spend some more time on this section Noun-Types so as to become a better qualified person to move on.

Other sections on Nouns are here.


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