Oversmartness of Amit

Oversmartness of Amit :

Amit had to leave Delhi and go to Mumbai. When he reached the railway station, the train was filled with passengers. There was no empty place in the carriage. Amit saw a man selling rubber toys. He suddenly had a plan.

Amit bought a rubber snake and threw it in the carriage. All the passengers got scared when they saw the snake. There were shouts of fright and cries for help. People ran out of the carriage. Now Amit soon saw an empty berth and lay down on it. The breeze blowing in through the window put him to sleep.

A few hours later, Amit woke up. He thought that the train had stopped at a station. He got out of the carriage and asked the T.C. "Which station is it?" The T.C. replied, "It is Delhi. Actually there was a snake in this carriage. So it was separated and left behind here while the other carriages have left for Mumbai"

Amit cried out in shock. His oversmartness had put him in deep trouble.

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