Difficult Words : Patent and Partisan

Difficult Words : Patent and Partisan

Partisan (PAHR in zun) n: one who supports a particular person, cause or idea

• Hendy’s plan to give himself the award had no partisan except himself.

• I am the partisan of any candidate who promises not to make promises.

• The mountain village was attacked by partisans of the rebel chieftain.

• Partisan can also be used an adjective meaning biased, as bipartisan means supported by two (bi) parties.

• Both the Republican and Democrats senators voted to give themselves a raise. The motion had bipartisan support.

Patent (PATE unt) adj: obvious

• To say that the earth is flat is a patent absurdity, since the world is obviously spherical.

• It was patently foolish of Lee to think that he could sail across the Pacific Ocean in a washtub.

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