Difficult Words : Pervade and Peruse

Difficult Words : Pervade and Peruse

Peruse (puh ROOZ) v: to read carefully

• This word is misused more often than it is used correctly.

• To peruse something is not a skim it or read it quickly. To peruse something is to study it or read it with great care.

• The lawyer perused the contract for many hours, looking for a loophole that would enable his client to back out of the deal.

• To peruse something is to engage in perusal.

• My perusal of the ancient texts brought me no closer to my goal of discovering the meaning of life.

Pervade (pur VADE) v: to spread throughout

• A terrible smell pervaded the apartment building after the sewer main exploded.

• On examination day, the classroom was pervaded by a sense of imminent doom.

• Something that pervades is pervasive.

• There was a pervasive feeling of despair on Wall Street on the day the Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 500 points.

• There was a pervasive odor of fuel oil in the house and we soon discovered why. The basement was filled with the stuff.

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