Difficult Words : Plethora and Poignant

Difficult Words : Plethora and Poignant

Poignant (POIN yunt) adj: painfully emotional; extremely moving; sharp or astute

• The words poignant and pointed are very closely related and they share much of the same range of meaning.

• A poignant scene is one that is so emotional or moving that it is almost painful to watch.

• All the reporters stopped taking notes as they watched the old woman's poignant reunion with her daughter whom she hadn't seen in last five years.

Poignant can also mean pointed in the sense of sharp or astute. A poignant comment might be one that shows great insight.

• To be poignant is to have poignancy.

Plethora (PLETH ur uh) n: an excess

• Be careful not to mispronounce this word.

• We ate a plethora of candy on Halloween and a plethora of turkey on Thanksgiving.

• Letting the air force use our backyard as a bombing range created a plethora of problems.

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