Difficult Words : Pragmatic and Postulate

Difficult Words : Pragmatic and Postulate

Postulate (POS chuh LATE) n: something accepted as true without proof; an axiom

• A postulate is taken to be true because it is convenient to do so. We might be able to prove a postulate if we had the time, but not now. A theorem is something that is proven using postulates.

Postulate can be used as a verb, too.

• Sherlock Holmes rarely postulated things, waiting for evidence before he made up his mind.

Pragmatic (prag MAT ik) adj: practical; down to earth; based on experience rather than theory

• A pragmatic person is one who deals with other things as they are rather than as they might be or should be.

• Erecting a gigantic dome of gold over our house would have been the ideal solution to the leak in our roof, but the small size of our bank account forced us to be pragmatic. We patched the hole with a dab of tar instead.

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