Reply to Congratulations Letter

This is a Reply to Congratulations Letter.Mrs. Bertha is writing a letter congratulating her friend Mrs. Mary who has given birth to a girl child.Now Mrs. Mary is writing a reply.


Mrs. Bertha,
Viand Building,
Baugh Bazaar,

27th April 2005.

Dear Bertha,

Reading your letter full of good words gives me happiness and fine feelings. Yes. Being a mother of a child, especially a girl child, is a great gift that only a few are entitled with. Hereafter, I spend, my life time to see that my child grow to its full potential in all aspects and attain its best.

The help of my friends, like you, will be there standing by me to grow my child properly. I will unhesitatingly seek your help during the time of uncertainty to take a appropriate decision.

We are grateful to you for your wishes and greetings on the occasion of me becoming a mother.

With Love.

(Signature of Mary)


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