Difficult Words :

Sagacious and Sacrosanct

Difficult Words : Sagacious and Sacrosanct

Sacrosanct (SAK roh SAGKT) adj: sacred, held to be inviolable

A church is sacrosanct. So, for Christians, is belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Sacrosanct is also used loosely and often ironically, outside of religion. Mr. Peter’s lunchtime trip to his neighborhood bar was sacrosanct. He would no sooner skip it than he would skip his mother's funeral.

Sagacious (suh GAY shus) adj: discerning, shrewd, keen in judgment, wise

Edgar's decision to move the chickens into the barn turned out to be sagacious; about an hour later, the hailstorm hit.

The announcer’s sagacious commentary made the baseball game seem vastly more interesting than we had expected it to be.

To be sagacious is to have sagacity. A similar word is sage which means wise. Possessing wisdom derived from experience or learning.

When we were contemplating starting our own popcorn business, we received some sage advice from a man who had lost all his money selling candied apples.

The professor's critique which consisted of just a few sage comments sent me back to my room feeling pretty stupid.

Sage can also be a noun. A wise person, especially a wise old person, is often called a sage.

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