Difficult Words :

Sanguine and Sanctimonious

Difficult Words : Sanguine and Sanctimonious

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Sanctimonious (SANGK tuh MH nee us) adj: pretending to be devout, affecting religious feeling.

The sanctimonious old bore pretended to be deeply offended when Lucius whispered a mild swearword after dropping the anvil on his bare foot.

Simon is an egoist who speaks about almost nothing but caring for one's fellowman. His altruism is sanctimonious.

Sanguine (SANG gwin) adj: cheerful, optimistic, hopeful

Peter was sanguine about his chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, even though, as an eighth grader, he hadn't really done anything to deserve it.

The ebullient checkers champion remained sanguine in defeat. He was so sure of himself that he viewed even catastrophe as merely a temporary setback.

Don't confuse sanguine (a nice word) with sanguinary (not a nice word). Sanguinary means bloodthirsty.

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