A Moral Story : Satan in Disguise

Let us enjoy reading this story of Satan in Disguise.

There lived an old tiger in a forest. He could not hunt animals as he used to do when he was young. It was becoming difficult to get prey. The tiger thought, "I have lost my strength and speed of my youth. Unless I find some trick, I will starve to death".

After long thoughts, the tiger struck upon a plan. He began to keep on saying "I am very old. I have turned into a vegetarian. I have become a sanyasi. I will not hunt animals" and so on.

Soon these words spread in the jungle. Innocent animals came to pay respect to the tiger thinking that the tiger had turned into a saint. The tiger pounced on animals when they came to his cave.

These words fell in the ears of a fox. The fox began to think, "Can a tiger become a saint?" He was eager to find the truth.

Stealthily, the fox approached the tiger's cave. He minutely and carefully examined the foot prints of animals. He found all foot prints going towards the cave but not returning from the cave. He told all animals in the forest. "The tiger is a cheat. Don't go to the cave".

The tiger had to starve to death.

MORAL : Satanic words are not to be believed.

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