Synonyms & Antonyms : Scanty


( Adjective )

The shortage of rice this year is because of scanty paddy harvest.










Contextual Examples:

The lane was so narrow that two cars could not pass at the same time.

The dancers wore skimpy dresses.

If you add a pinch of salt, your dish will become tastier.

They have grown a number of slender birch trees.

The utensils of the cottage were very meager.

Father gives him a limited pocket money every month.

Our teacher believes in sparing use of the stick.

The Chartered Accountants have instructions to check even the small details of their firms thoroughly before preparing the balance sheet.










Contextual Examples:

The philanthropist was quite profuse in his gifts to the poor.

Tata has abundant resources of men, money and materials to start new projects successfully.

He makes lavish expenditure on his kitchen to keep his family members healthy.

No body has unlimited and absolute powers in the Indian constitution, not even the Prime Minister.

There is sufficient provision for mutual checks and balances of the powers of the executive, legislature, and judiciary in the constitution.

India has ample resources but limited organizational infrastructure to deserve being called a rich country.

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