Synonyms & Antonyms : Shelter


( Verb )

Dig trenches to shelter the men from gunfire.







Contextual Examples:

India has recently deployed more troops to guard its borders with Pakistan.

The hen-house needs to be protected from the prowling foxes.

The atmosphere screens the earth from infra-red rays coming from the sun.

Tom defended his dog when it was attacked by a fox.

In a hot country men and women often wear large hats to shied their heads from the sun.








Contextual Examples:

Smugglers are the worst enemies of the country as they betray its interests.

The government has decided to expel the foreign spies caught red handed.

The boss has rejected the demand of the employee for a rise in salary.

The culprit surrendered to the police to save his life from the bullet shot.

America has refused to hold parleys with Iran without any conditions.

The enemy spies, on being cross- examined, have exposed their intention to run the terrorist movement in India.

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