Synonyms & Antonyms : Signify


( Verb )

Do dark coluds signify rain?








Contextual Examples:

The hosting of the flag at mast denoted the origin of the ship.

The headmaster intimated the students about the half holiday on Saturday.

He does not mean to hurt you.

His face showed he had taken otherwise of you joke.

A public holiday was proclaimed in honor of the coronation.

His high temperature indicates he is seriously ill.









Contextual Examples:

The veiled dress she is wearing shows she is either a nurse or nun.

The robbers who looted the bank were wearing masks.

The motor mechanic dissembled my car for repairs and then reassembled it.

I covered my head with a hankie before entering the shrine.

The thief hid himself under a bed in a servant quarter.

He kept his face expressionless to conceal his excitement.

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