Synonyms & Antonyms : Silly


( Adjective )

How silly of you to do that?







Contextual Examples:

It is absurd to say that this text book is useless only because some of its lessons make dull reading.

It is senseless for parents to compel their wards to study the subjects which don’t suit their taste and interest.

It was foolish of him to openly quarrel with his boss.

It is unwise to think that trade unions should be banned.

He is fed up of listening to the non-sensical sermons of his boss.







Contextual Examples:

Rita is a sensible girl. I have never observed anything irrelevant in her talks.

John is a clever boy. He could make a successful businessman.

He remembers the wise sayings of all great men by heart.

Our new science teacher is quite a sapient learned man.

His lectures are all very intelligent.

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