Simple Present Tense for The Pronoun SHE

Grammar Index : 2

Simple Present Tense for The Pronoun SHE :

  1. She ignores our advices.

  2. She cries for a long time.

  3. She speaks four languages.

  4. She wears new dresses.

  5. She thinks about her daughter.

  6. She flies from Chennai to London.

  7. She buys a house near this garden.

  8. She returns from her office at 6pm.

  9. She forgets to pay her telephone bills.

  10. She forgives at last.

  11. She lives in this old house.

  12. She walks to her office.

  13. She tackles her problems without our helps.

  14. She travels 45kms everyday.

  15. She says something which we could not understand.

  16. She reports that you are the culprit.

  17. She loves animals.

  18. She looks smart and beautiful.

  19. She holds the key to this room.

  20. She earns more than her father does.

Grammar Index : 2

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