Slangs are the expressions which are used in their most informal usages.Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English.

Cockney Rhyming Slangs are the specialised forms of slangs used in the East of London. This kind of Slang is a kind of antilanguage where words are replaced by phrases that rhyme (sound the same): North and south = mouth Adam and Eve = believe Sometimes, the last word is dropped.

Slangs beginning with S :

Saddo : (UK) A saddo is a pathetic person.

Safe : If something is safe, it is good, fine, acceptable, etc.

Salad dodger : A salad dodger is an overweight person.

Sally : (USA) A sally is a wimp or a coward.

Sally Ann : (UK) The Sally Ann is the Salvation Army.

Salmon handcuffs : (UK) A man whose wife or partner doesn't allow him to see his mates much, especially in the pub, is said to be wearing salmon handcuffs.

Samp : A samp is an idiot.

Sarnie : (UK) A sarnie is a sandwich.

Satiscraptory : (UK) Something that is satiscraptory is adequate, but far from good.

Saturday night fever : Someone who has Saturday night fever is so drunk or drugged-up that they are out of control.

Saturday night special : A Saturday night special is a cheap handgun.

Savvy : Someone who is savvy knows and understands something and is not easily fooled or deceived.

Scalper : (USA) A scalper buys tickets for popular events, like concerts and sports games, then sells them on at a profit.

Scaredy cat : A person who is a scaredy cat is a coward.

Schnokkered : (USA) If someone's schnokkered, they are very drunk indeed.

Schnook : (USA) A schnook is a pathetic or unfortunate person.

Schnozz : A schnozz is a nose, especially a large one.

Schnozzle : A schnozzle is a nose, especially a large one.

Scouser : (UK) A Scouser is a Liverpudlian, a person from Liverpool. The adjective is 'scouse'.

Scran : (UK) Scran is food.

Scratch : (USA) Scratch is money.

Screw : (UK) A screw is a prison guard.

Screw you and a bag of nuts : (USA) A dismissal of someone; a more colorful extension of the simple dismissal 'Screw you.'

Scrilla : (USA) Scrilla is money.

Script kiddie : A script kiddie is someone who wants to be a computer hacker but doesn't know much about it.

Scrote : An unpleasant young male petty criminal is a scrote. (It is an abbreviation of 'scrotum'.)

Scumster : A scumster is an antisocial troublemaker.

Scuzzy : Someone or something that is scuzzy is disgusting or unpleasant.('Scuzz' is the noun.)

Shack : (UK) To shack someone is to stab them.

Shag : (UK) 'Shag' can be used as a verb or noun meaning 'have sex'.

Shan : (Scot) If something's shan, it's rubbish.

Shank : A shank is a knife, especially a homemade one.

Shazzel : (USA) Shazzel = stuff, belongings

Shedloads : (UK) Shedloads means a lot, especially of money.

Sheeple : Sheeple are people who follows leaders unquestioningly. (from sheep + people)

Shenanigans : Shenanigans are bad, dishonest or illegal activities.

Shipper : A shipper is a writer who uses characters from other people's books and creates relationships between them. (From 'relationship')

Shit a brick : 'Shit a brick' can be said when people are extremely surprised and displeased about something. If someone shits bricks, they are very scared about something.

Shit hit the fan : When the shit hits the fan, something goes badly wrong and people react angrily.

Shits and giggles : If you didn't do something for shits and giggles, you do it without getting paid: I didn't work on the public holiday for shits and giggles; I thought I'd get extra pay.

Shiv : To shiv someone is to stab them.

Shivoo : (AU) A shivoo is a party.

Shoot your mouth off : If someone shoots their mouth off, they talk without thinking or without knowing what they are talking about.

Shop : (UK) If you shop someone, you report them to the police or authorities.

Shoulder surfing : (USA) If someone chats a person up while looking around to see if there are more attractive people around, they are shoulder surfing.

Shoulder surfing : Shoulder surfing is standing close enough to someone when they are using a cash machine in order to learn their PIN.

Shrapnel : Shrapnel is a term for annoying numbers of coins.

Shrooms : Shrooms are magic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms.

Shtenkie : Something disgusting is shtenkie.

Shubs : (UK) A shubs is a party.

Shwag : Shwag is a name for promotional gifts given away at exhibitions, etc.('Swag' is the money or goods that someone steals.)

Sick : (UK) If something's sick, it's very good.

Sicko : A sicko is somebody who is mentally unbalanced, especially if they are fascinated by unpleasantness.

Six pack : Someone who has a very muscular stomach area where the individual muscles can be seen has a six pack.

Six packs : (AU) In the northern Australian outback where it is very hot and travel is over rough dirt roads if you ask a local the distance to a particular place or feature you may be told 3 six packs or some other number of six packs. The local is giving you an estimate of how many six packs of beer he would drink during the journey.

Skag : (UK) Skag is a term for the drug heroin.

Skid lid : (UK) A skid lid is a crash helmet.

Skin : (UK) A skin is a cigarette paper.

Skipper : The captain of a team or boat, etc, is the skipper. (Sometimes shortened to 'skip'.)

Skirt : 'Skirt' is a term used for women, especially when thinking about sex.

Skive : (UK) If you avoid work, you skive, especially by pretending to be ill.

Skivvy : (UK) A skivvy is someone who is expected to do unpleasant, menial jobs and tasks that no one else wants to do.

Sky pilot : A sky pilot is a priest or vicar.

Slag tag : A slag tag is a tattoo that attracts male attention on a woman's lower back, around her bosom.

Slam dunk : A slam dunk is an easy or effortless success.

Slaphead : (UK) A slaphead is a bald person.

Slapper : A slapper is a promiscuous woman.

Slash : Slash fiction takes characters from well-known books, films, etc, and creates stories with sexual, especially gay, relationships between them.

Slash : (UK) If someone takes a slash, they urinate.

Slash : A slash movie is a particularly violent one.

Sleb : A sleb is a celebrity; the term is used pejoratively, possibly because it sounds like 'pleb' (someone common, without much taste).

Sledging : In sport, abusing a player to make them angry or to get them to lose their concentration is sledging.

Sleeping policeman : (UK) A sleeping policeman is a speed bump in a road to slow traffic down.

Sleeve : (USA) A sleeve is a hundred dollar bill.

Slim Jim : A slim Jim is a tool used to break into cars.

Slushbox : (USA) Slushbox is automatic transmission in a car.

Smack : 'Smack' is a term for the drug heroin.

Smackers : Smackers are dollars or pounds.

Smart cookie : A smart cookie is a very clever person.

Smarts : (USA) Someone's intelligence or brains are their smarts.

Smashed : If someone's smashed, they are drunk or intoxicated with drugs.

Smirt : People who flirt in smoking areas or when smoking outside their office are smirting. It comes from smoke + flirt.

Smishing : Smishing is tricking people into giving their personal details, especially things like bank or credit card details, by sending them text messages to get them to go to fake websites.

Sneak : A sneak is someone who reports on people to the authorities. It can also be used as a verb 'to sneak'.

Snitch : A snitch is someone who reports on people to the authorities. It can also be used as a verb 'to snitch'.

Snork : (UK) To snork is to kiss.

Snout : (UK) Snout is tobacco.

Snoutcast : (UK) A snoutcast is someone who has to smoke in the street outside their place of work. It comes from snout (tobacco) + outcast.

Sourpuss : A sourpuss is a person who is normally unhappy or gloomy.

Spank the monkey : Spank the monkey = masturbate

Spannered : (UK) Someone who's spannered is very drunk or high on drugs.

Spaz : (USA) A spaz is an inept or incompetent person.

Special K : Special K is the recreational drug ketamine.

Speed : Speed is a slang term for amphetamine.

Speedball : A speedball is a mixture of the drugs heroin and cocaine.

Speedfreak : A speedfreak is someone who takes a lot of amphetamines.

Speedfreak : A speedfreak is someone who is crazy about driving and travelling fast.

Sperm father : A sperm father is a a biological father who plays no role in the upbringing of his child.

Spiv : (UK) A spiv is a person who makes money through dubious or immoral schemes and is showy in their appearance.

Splay : (USA) To splay is to have sex.

Splay : (USA) Splay is cannabis. :

Spliff : (UK) 'Spliff' is a term for a cannabis cigarette.

Split : (UK) If someone splits on you, they report you to an authority for doing something wrong.

Split : If you split, you leave a place.

Splog : A splog is a spam blog.

Spot : (USA) 'To spot' means 'to lend'.

Sprog : (UK) A sprog is a child.

Spud : A spud is a potato.

Spud : (UK) A spud is an idiot.

Squaddy : (UK) A squaddy is a foot soldier.

Squeeze : Someone's squeeze is their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Steg : (UK) A steg is an ugly woman.

Stem : (UK) A stem is a homemade prison knife.

Sticker shock : The feeling of surprise experienced by consumers upon finding unexpectedly high prices on the price tags (stickers) of products they are considering purchasing.

Stiff : A stiff is a dead person. 'To stiff' can be used meaning 'to kill'.

Stiv : (UK) A stiv is a homemade prison knife.

Stoge : A stoge is a cigarette. It can be used as a verb meaning 'to smoke'.

Stooze : If someone gets a credit card and uses the interest free period offered as a way of borrowing money to invest and get interest on, they are stoozing.

Straight : A straight is a heterosexual. A straight can also be someone who is against fun, parties, etc.

Street cred : Someone who has street cred is respected by young urban people and has not sold out or compromised themselves commercially for success. (It comes from 'credibility')

Streetwise : Someone who's streetwise knows all the issues and tricks in life and can't be tricked or fooled.

Stroller : (UK) Something that is very easy to do is a stroller.

Stunner : A stunner is a beautiful woman. 'Stunna' is an alternative spelling.

Suck it and see : This idiom means that you should try something to find out what happens.

Suck off : To suck someone off is to perform fellatio on them.

Sugar daddy : A sugar daddy is a wealthy older man who supports a young woman financially in exchange for sex.

Swamp donkey : A swamp donkey is an exceptionally ugly woman.

Sweat like a rapist : (UK) If someone is very agitated and perspiring heavily, they are sweating like a rapist.

Sweet F A : (UK) Sweet F.A. stands for 'Sweet fuck-all' and means either a very small and unsatisfactory amount or nothing at all. 'Sweet Fanny Adams' is a less vulgar alternative.

Swing both ways : Someone who swings both ways is bisexual.

Swing your arms : (USA) If you swing your arms, you complain.

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