Slangs are the expressions which are used in their most informal usages.Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English.

Cockney Rhyming Slangs are the specialised forms of slangs used in the East of London. This kind of Slang is a kind of antilanguage where words are replaced by phrases that rhyme (sound the same): North and south = mouth Adam and Eve = believe Sometimes, the last word is dropped.

Slangs beginning with T :

Ta : (UK) This means 'Thanks you'.

Ta muchly : (UK) This means 'Thank you very much'.

Tab : (UK) A tab is a cigarette.

Take a powder : (USA) If someone tells you to take a powder, they are telling you to go away or disappear.

Take the piss : (UK) If you tease someone or laugh at them, you are taking the piss.

Talk out of your arse : (UK) If someone is talking out of their arse, they are talking rubbish.

Talk out of your ass : (USA) If someone is talking out of their ass, they are talking rubbish.

Tanked up : (UK) If someone is tanked up, they are very drunk.

Tappable : If someone's sexually attractive, they are tappable.

Tard : A tard is a stupid, unpleasant person. (It is an abbreviation of 'retard'.)

Tart art : Tart art is a tattoo that attracts male attention on a woman's lower back, around her bosom.

Tax : (UK) When people tax, they steal.

Teef : (UK) If someone teefs something, they steal it.

Thang : 'Thang' is an alternative for or 'thing'.

The rounds of the kitchen : (USA) If you get or give the rounds of the kitchen, you give a verbal blast to someone.

Thick as a brick : Someone who is as thick as a brick is very stupid indeed.

Thick as two short planks : Someone who is thick as two short planks is extremely stupid. 'Thick as a plank' is also used.

Thick in the head : When someone is thick in the head, he or she is considered very stupid or annoying.

Throw a seven : (USA) If someone throws a seven they die young.

Tic : (UK) Someone who's tic is attractive.

Tight : (UK) If something's tight, it's unfair.

Tightwad : A tightwad is a mean person, who doesn't like spending money.

Tightwad : A tightwad a person who hates spending money.

Tits up : If something has gone tits up, it has gone wrong.

Toerag : (UK) A toerag is a worthless, unpleasant person.

Toff : (UK) A toff is an upper class person, especially a snobbish one.

Toffee : (UK) If something's toffee, it is rubbish or nonsense.

Toffee-nosed : (UK) Someone who is toffee-nosed is a snob and thinks they are superior to others.

Tombstoning : The dangerous act of jumping off cliffs, piers, harbour walls or other high points into the sea for fun is known as tombstoning.

Tonker : (AU) A tonker is a fool or idiot.

Top : A top is a dominant gay male.

Top : To top someone is to kill them.

Top flat : (UK) Your top flat is your head.

Top whack : (UK) If you have to pay top whack for something, you pay the highest possible price.

Torch : To torch is to set fire to something illegally (arson). It can also be used as a noun for the person, the arsonist.

Tosser : (UK) A tosser is a useless idiot.

Total : If you total something you destroy or wreck it, especially true of car crashes.

Tout : A ticket tout buys tickets for a popular event and sells them illegally at a much higher price.

Toyboy : A toyboy is a young man who goes out with an older woman, especially if she is wealthy.

Trainspotter : A trainspotter is someone with great knowledge of obscure information, especially about music.

Tramp stamp : A tramp stamp is a tattoo that attracts male attention on a woman's lower back, around her bosom.

Trick : A trick is a prostitute's customer.

Trim : (USA) If someone is trimmed, they are killed.

Trim hunt : (USA) If someone goes on a trim hunt, they go out looking for someone to have sex with.

Troll : A troll is someone who tries to cause trouble and start fights on internet forums, newsgroups, etc.

Trouting : (UK) When people are out trouting, they are looking for a sexual partner.

Tusty : If something is tusty, it's very good.

Twagging : (UK) Twagging is playing truant (missing school without a good reason).

Twatted : (UK) Someone who's twatted is very drunk or high on drugs.

Twelve-letter word : (USA) People refer to the twelve-letter word to avoid using the word 'motherfucker'.

Twerp : (UK) A twerp is an idiot.

Twin : (USA) A twin is a twenty-dollar bag of marijuana.

Twoc :(UK) To twoc is to Take Without Owner's Consent, especially when referring to car theft. A twocer steals cars.

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