Difficult Words :

Sloth and Slander

Difficult Words : Sloth and Slander

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Slander (SLAN dur) v: to speak badly about someone publicly, to defame, to spread malicious rumor

Jonathan slandered Mr. Periwinkle by telling everyone in school that the principal wore a toupee. Mr. Periwinkle resented this slander. Since he was the principal, he expelled the slanderous student.

Sloth (slawth) n: laziness, sluggishness

You may have seen a picture of an animal called a sloth. It hangs upside down from tree limbs and is never in a hurry to do anything. To fall into sloth is to act like a sloth.

Ivan's weekends were devoted to sloth. He never arose before noon and he seldom left the house before Monday morning.

To be lazy and sluggish is to be slothful.

Ophelia's slothful husband virtually lived on the couch in the living room and the television remote control devise was in danger of becoming grafted to his hand.

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