Synonyms & Antonyms : Sociable


( Adjective )

She is not sociable after she joined a new school.







Contextual Examples:

My uncle is such a companionable personality; you can never feel bored in his presence.

The festive season starts in India after harvesting of the crops.

Mary’s affable manners attract the young and the old.

The Retired old man has genial way of amusing his vision.









Contextual Examples:

Ever since his brain injury, Robin has become a secluded personality. I think it will take a few months before he restarts mixing with people.

The dispute among brothers on property matters has made them inimical.

Even their children are affected to be hostile to each other.

The old age has made Ranjit a sequestered person. Gone is all his old joviality and sociability.

Although rich in money, he is a puerile person, small hearted and peevish.

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