Sounds Like

Sounds Like : Grammar and Spelling Tips

Sometimes a word sounds as though it contains another familiar word:

• There is no cocoa in a coconut.

• Bated breath has nothing to do with bait.

• Corridor is not related to door.

• Sacrilege has the
i first and the e second, unlike religion.

• Abseiling is quite different from sailing.

Sometimes it is just part of another word that causes a mistake:

• Privilege has no
d, unlike, e.g., knowledge.

• Attach and detach end in
-ach, not -atch, unlike dispatch.

• A protuberance is something that protrudes; but it has no
r after the t.

• Dissect has a double
s, though bisect has only one.

• Psychedelic has an
e after psych, unlike psychology.

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