Difficult Words :

Subordinate and Sublime

Difficult Words: Subordinate and Sublime

Sublime (suh BLIME) adj: awesome, extremely exalted, lofty, majestic

After winning $70 million in the lottery and quitting our jobs as sewer workers, our happiness was sublime.

Theodore was a sublime thinker. After pondering even a difficult problem for just a few minutes, he would invariably arrive at a concise and elegant solution.

The soup at the restaurant was sublime. I've never tasted anything so good in my life.

The noun form of sublime is sublimity (such BLIM i tee). Don't confuse sublime with subliminal which means subconscious or sublimate which means to suppress one’s subconscious mind.

Subordinate (suh BAWR duh nit) adj: lower in importance, position, or rank, secondary

My desire to sit on the couch and watch television all night long was subordinate to my desire to stand in the kitchen eating junk food all night long, so I did the latter instead of the former.

A Vice President is subordinate to a President.

Subordinate (such BAWR duh NATE) can also be a verb. To subordinate something in relation to something else is to make it secondary or less important.

To be insubordinate (in suh BAWR duh nit) is not to acknowledge the authority of a superior. An army private who says Bug off! when ordered to do something by a general is guilty of being insubordinate or of committing an act of insubordination.

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