Synonyms & Antonyms : Surprising


( Adjective )

His failure did not cause much surprise to all of us.









Contextual Examples:

This unexpected turn in the events has upset the original planning of the foreign inspired terrorists.

The suddenness of the Rajeev – Logowal accord has provided a marvelous development which has startled the extremist elements, striking at the very root of their evil designs.

The accord can bring about astonishing results by way of normalization of Hindu – Sikh brotherhood.

The return of the business situation in Punjab and Delhi to normalcy has been amazingly rapid.








Contextual Examples:

The distribution system in India provides sufficient stocks of everyday needs of essential commodities through fair price shops.

There is a difference in the standards of living between an ordinary citizen and the privileged classes.

There is always the usual class struggle going on between the two categories of people.

Only political leaders can discern this normal phenomenon of this class struggle.

It is customary for this college to hold its annual prize distribution function in August every year.

My grandfather was a habitual drinker of tea and coffee.

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